Glamping With Friends & Family at the Wahwahtaysee Resort

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Wahwahtaysee Resort

After experiencing what it truly means to go “glamping”, I was determined to explore Texas a bit more and was dead set on finding other places to get my glamp on! From Airstreams to luxury safari tents and small cabins, glamorous camping not only gives you a chance to “be one with nature”, but it also allows you to participate in activities that you wouldn’t have otherwise — like zipping around 100 acres on your own personal golf cart, trying your hand at grilling your own meal, or spending the afternoon floating down the San Marcos River. If that floats your boat (pun intended), say hello to Wahwahtaysee Resort.

Wahwahtaysee means “firefly” in the Chippewa language.

Located in Kingsbury, Texas, Wahwahtaysee Resort is a quick 2-hour drive from Houston. As it came close to the time to hit the road, I was ready — yet a little anxious — for what I was getting myself into.

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Its intimate location and limited accommodations (there are only 3 tents) made it the perfect getaway for our weekend friends and family retreat. The 650 square foot authentic safari tents (they were actually made in Africa) are situated in a row right in the middle of nature. And being only 100 yards apart, I’d say there is plenty of distance between to ensure your privacy but close enough to drop by to borrow some sugar. 🙂

I chose the Sanctuary tent because of its African vibes and decor. The other two choices, the Stargazer, and Little Dipper were similar but each offered its own look and feel. Most of the differences are found in the eating area where one tent is decked out with a custom eating bar and daybed versus the other two had a table for two or four. The most important similarity? They all have A/C! However, visiting this place in August may not have been ideal. The A/C was doing the best it could and sometimes its best was not enough.

Aside from packing comfortable clothes, Wahwahtaysee Resort provides all the amenities you’ll need to camp “glamorously” during your stay. Inside, there are bathroom toiletries, luxury bed linens, and a kitchenette with everything required to cook on your outdoor grill. Outside, you’ll find another shower, a large deck with a table for 6-8, and a Green Egg so you can rise and shine to breakfast on the grill — which I can tell you is not as easy as you think. Yep, I burned a few pancakes before I got the hang of it. Ha!

While we’re on the subject of pancakes…. you may be thinking, what about the food Shan? Well, since there is no way to prepare food indoors, aside from the microwave, that forces you to get those grilling skills up to par. Bring your own groceries and have fun with the cast iron. We made cast iron pizza and after the first try, the second one was edible. Hey, the fun was in the process! Tip: Spend some time reading up on the Green Egg and learning how to use the attachments.

If you don’t have time to go grocery shopping, you can also order a Yeti Dinner that includes all ingredients and instructions necessary to cook a meal. This option is $50/person. Or, you can live your best life and hire a private chef who specializes in farm-to-fork cuisine. Worst case, just head a few miles outside of Kingsbury to the popular barbecue town of Lockhart, Texas where you can get your fill of some of the best BBQ in the state!

We spent the majority of our time in our personal golf cart which turned out to be both convenient and a source of nonstop entertainment. My kids were constantly asking for a ride through the winding trails and it was a safe place for my 12-year old daughter to practice driving for a few minutes. A few trips to Wahwahtaysee’s private beach off of the San Marcos River resulted in several deer sightings further proving that we were not in the city anymore.

Feel free to add on an excursion — like fly fishing to kayaking — or do what I did which was absolutely NOTHING! Sometimes I don’t want to schedule a thing and getting the chance to enjoy some peace and quiet, playing a game of chess with my husband, reading a book on my private deck, or racing driving golf carts is all that a girl could ask for.

Have you ever been glamping? If so, drop your favorite destinations in the comments below!

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