How To Eat (& Drink) Your Way Through Austin in 24 Hours

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Austin Taco Project

Calling Austin a culinary destination only partially describes this foodie mecca that has just about everyone traveling near and far if only to grab a taste from the many restaurants, eateries, dives, and food trucks that line the city. A day trip to Austin would be lackluster if I didn’t go on a gastronomic world tour, now wouldn’t it? So how much can one actually enjoy in a mere 24 hours? I found out and here are my recommendations!

Austin Taco Project

As soon as my Vonlane motorcoach parked in front of the Hilton Austin, I made my way to the Austin Taco Project. Hint: If no one filled you in, a visit to Austin must include tacos! If the name didn’t give it away, the Taco Project is all about tacos…and then some. But we’re not talking your average tacos. These babies are globally-inspired with options like their Shrimp with jerk, collards, peanut, coconut, Tempura Fish with beet, cabbage, lime mayo, radish, and Curry Chicken with green papaya, shiso, nam pla. I sampled a flight of tacos, a bite of bread pudding, and a Prickly pear margarita before heading to my next stop.

Antonelli's Cheese Shop
Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

If you want to get your hands on some great cheese in Austin, then Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is where it’s at. Stop in to grab some to take home or do like I did and book a private class. My cheese, wine, and beer tasting class introduced me to some new faves and some cheese newbies. Not only does the shop scream over the top cuteness, but the cheesemongers know their way around some cheese. Even if you don’t partake in a class, you can drop buy to sample as many cheeses as your little belly desires.

Eberly's Austin
Eberly’s Austin

When it was time for dinner, my palate led me to Eberly. This place is jaw-dropping gawjus and with its many areas to wine, dine, and chillax, you’ll have just as much fun exploring this South Lamar restaurant as you will eating in it. From the main dining area to the stunning bar (Cedar Tavern), the study room, and the patio, the choice is all yours. The Beef Tartare, Cacio e Pepe, and Pan Roasted Salmon were all winners that night.

Even after a full day of exploring and eating my way through Austin, I still had some juice left. The party grub fest does not stop in Austin until they turn the light off, so that left me with no choice but to head on a late night journey. Who needs sleep anyway?!

Garage Cocktail Bar
Garage Cocktail Bar

If I didn’t get the 411 from a few Austin locals, I probably wouldn’t have located Garage on our own. Tucked away on the inside of a parking garage, Garage is only detectable by its sizable neon sign. As I jammed to the tunes coming from the old school turntable (the vinyl collection is legit), I sipped on a few Old Fashioned cocktails before deciding to head to my final destination for the day. I honestly could have stayed here all night, but as they say, the party must go on.

Nightcap Austin
Nightcap Austin

If I thought it couldn’t get any better, then Nightcap was the icing on the cake literally. Sweet tooth kicking in at midnight? Head to Nightcap. Want to have a blast laughing for hours at cocktail names? Head to Nightcap. The late night menu features a Housemade Pretzel, the Nightcap Burger, and even Grilled Wholefish but I came for the desserts! Churritos or Camion de Helados (banana fudgsicle, peanut M&M’s, bubblegum ice cream, tequila-watermelon jolly rancher) anyone? Can’t decide? Just order both. And because you must enjoy a cocktail with your dessert, the Before The Pickle Gets Tickled or the Straight Up D*ck will work just perfectly. Hey, they said it, I didn’t!

Have you been to Austin? If so, what are some of your favorite spots to get your grub on?

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