My Night as a Premium Experiences Member at the Revention Music Center

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Premium Experiences Member at the Revention Music Center

Witnessing the line of fans forming outside of the Revention Music Center right past 6 p.m. on a Wednesday evening solidified my excitement for what would be a great night! I anxiously walked strutted past the line and headed straight to the box office. You see, I was a Premium Experiences Member for the evening. which meant no waiting in line for me. Nope, not tonight. Instead, I would be sipping on cocktails and kicking back as I patiently waited for the evening’s concert to begin — featuring the one and only Daniel Caesar.

I grabbed my 40 Below passes and concert tickets, made a 180-degree turn, and headed toward the Green garage located only steps from the box office. Along with my passes and tickets, I was handed a small card providing directions to 40 Below. I felt like I was on a fun (but quick) scavenger hunt where the prize would be access to the newly renovated exclusive lounge which offered its own private bar and plenty of plush seating.

A few highlights on 40 Below:

  • 40 Below holds up to 300 people so the space is huge! Feel free to spread out and enjoy a few rounds of pool while you wait for the concert to begin.
  • The beautiful bar and friendly bar staff were ready to make whatever you liked. For me, you all know I ordered an Old-Fashioned! The selection in 40 Below is more expansive than those available at the main venue bars (upstairs), which was cool too.
  • 40 Below does open one hour before the venue opens. That means if a concert starts at 8 p.m., you can gain access to the lounge as early as 6 p.m. They even have a full menu so plan to enjoy dinner there!

After enjoying a few rounds, I was ready to jam to those smooth tones of Daniel Caesar! We headed up 40 steps (hence the name 40 Below), checked in at the Premium Podium, and were greeted by on-site hosts. Seated in a spacious booth, we were immediately impressed by the views. You could see everything from these “Premium Experience Tables” and there was an added bonus! We enjoyed in-seat service and didn’t need to run to the bar to order drinks or bites — that sealed the deal for me. All that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Afterward, we headed right back down to 40 Below to wait out the crowds (and traffic) leaving the venue. Since 40 Below is open for around an hour after each show, there is no need to rush. Grab one last drink, reminiscence on that fantastic performance, and figure out how soon you can come back for another show!

If you are looking to upgrade your concert experience, then becoming a Premium Experiences Member is certainly the way to go. Learn more about this offering by visiting their website or contacting [email protected].

I did receive an invite to be a “Premium Experiences Member for the Night”. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

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Yep, That's Shan!