Solo Travel: 3 Tips If You’re Planning To Travel Alone

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Many people have never traveled solo and those that have will admit to an ever present anxiety about the idea of it. I can only imagine how many vacations of a lifetime are missed because you couldn’t find a travel companion and how many bucket list experiences that you keep putting off because you can’t fathom the thought of boarding a 10-hour flight by yourself.

Well, I think it’s about time that we all get over our fears. No you won’t get lonely, you won’t be bored, and as long as you make sure your trip is safe, you can have one hell of a time doing exactly what YOU want do to!

Ideal Destinations for Solo Travel

The key to planning a successful solo vacay is to choose a destination that is safe and where your interests are heavily represented. This ensures a great time and will keep you as busy as a bee; if that’s what you want. Destinations that are rich in culture, boast beautiful landscapes, and offer tantalizing cuisines; mixed with a little adventure and the added bonus of some pretty awesome nightlife will be a natural choice. My top picks are Switzerland, Costa Rica, Japan, Indonesia, Argentina, and Panama. These spots are also prime for a little downtime which should definitely be scheduled in between your hustle and bustle

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

After choosing where to go, this is probably the most important decision. Where you choose to stay will frame your trip in a major way. Just like your destination, you need to feel safe and it should be your home away from home. With that said, stay clear from the big hotels and chain hotels for that very reason. They tend to be impersonal and so will your experience as they are not geared toward solo travelers. Instead, opt for a bed and breakfast, a hostel, or even a small boutique hotel; which is my preference. They tend to be filled with people like yourself who are traveling solo. And if you want to eliminate the worry of planning an entire trip on your own and would prefer to travel with a group of singles, visit sites that offer roommate matching like Singles Travel International.

Savor Your Alone Moments

You will have plenty of opportunities to hang with a group of travelers. You can sign up for group activities and tours (cooking classes, bike tours, expeditions) which is a great way to meet people who you can venture out with again for dinner and a night out on the town during your trip. However, don’t forget to make a little one on one time for yourself. Don’t be too shy to go out and enjoy a meal on your own versus ordering room service. Remember to be selfish – it’s the great thing about being on your own time. You don’t have to make any compromises. Want to get up at 5 a.m. for a hike at the crack of dawn? Do it! Want to sleep until noon and hang out on your balcony and read a book all afternoon? That’s fine too. It’s your time, and you can spend it any way you want.

So here’s to planning that next vacation by yourself and for yourself! Would you do it?

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Yep, That's Shan!