The Perfect 72 Hours In Belize

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Riding in my golf cart in San Pedro

Well, I finally made it to Belize! Located in Central America, the country that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the jungle has been on my list for quite some time — and for several reasons.

One, because of it’s close proximity to Houston (you can’t beat a 2 1/2 hour nonstop flight from IAH) and two, because of my lifetime fascination and love for all things and anything marine or wildlife.

Headed to the Ancient Ruins at Lamanai
Headed to the Ancient Ruins at Lamanai

Getting To & Around Ambergris Caye

Little did I know my three-day adventure would begin as soon as I landed at the Belize Airport (BZE)! My connecting flight to San Pedro would serve as my final destination and gateway into the island of Ambergris Caye. This required an inter-island flight on an itty-bitty 14-passenger plane with Tropic Air.

I’m not quite sure what I was envisioning but I will admit, I hadn’t been this scared of flying in a really long time. However, the amazing views from above calmed by nerves and as I crossed over the stunning Blue Hole of Belize, my 15-minute flight quickly came to an end. If you are not into the whole “tiny plane” thing , you can also take a ferry. A 75-minute boat ride was dipping way too much into my 3-day vacay so the not-so-scary plane ride was the perfect choice.

Jumping on my flight to Ambergris Caye
Jumping on my flight to Ambergris Caye

Once you’re in San Pedro you’ll quickly realize how everyone gets around town. A majority of folks (including travelers) in Belize commute using golf carts. Not only is it a ton of fun driving on the sometimes unpaved streets, but you get to feel like a local.

The locals are nice and I felt safe the entire time I was driving around the city; even in the evenings. Renting a golf cart is a requirement to round out your Belize experience so I highly recommend it. While zipping through the narrow streets, I made pit stops enjoying street food, dancing with the locals, shopping for gifts to take back home, and took a few shots with new friends I met along the way.

Eating & Drinking My Way Through San Pedro

Traveling to Belize during the month of September has it’s pros and cons. I visited smack dab in the middle of the peak “rainy season” and couldn’t have had a better time! Of the three days I was there, it only rained on one evening and the weather during each day and on the other nights was absolute perfection.

The fact that you may have your entire hotel/condo/resort to yourself is another plus along with the fact that the island slows down considerably which means the crazy crowds are minimal. Our stay at Pelican Reef Villas was just heavenly. And did I mention how inexpensive everything is during this time?

If there were any cons it would be the availability of the restaurants. About 30% of them closed right after Labor Day and didn’t open back up until late September/early October making for slim pickings if you planned to stay longer than a week. But I enjoyed plenty of Belizean cuisine and had my fair share of tropical cocktails. There were enough restaurants that remained opened where I didn’t need to visit a place twice.

Sipping on cocktails at Palapa Bar & Grill
Sipping on cocktails at Palapa Bar & Grill

I made several stops to eat and drink in San Pedro over the course of 3 days. Elvi’s Kitchen blew me away with their blackened snapper served with stew beans and white rice. Caramba Restaurant let me pick my own fresh catch, and I enjoyted some of the best seafood soup I have ever tasted.

Rum + Bean, a coffee bar that also whips up awesome handcrafted rum cocktails, hooked me up with fresh frozen cocktails like to their Strawberry Pina Cola with fresh pureed strawberries and fresh coconut juice. And Palapa Bar & Grill surprised me with chocolate covered bacon! No matter where you go, Rice and Beans cooked in coconut milk reigns as the quintessential Belize dish. So make sure you order that whenever you can and add a side of ripe fried or baked plantains because they’re just too good to pass up.

Welcome To The Jungle (& Ancient Mayan Ruins)

Known for its massive reefs and Mayan ruins, I knew one of the two would be how I spent my last day. I’m not completely in love with snorkeling so a day spent in the jungle and exploring the ruins at Lamanai, one of the oldest continuously occupied Maya sites in Belize, was high on my list. And that meant I had to get back on that dang itty-bitty plane! But this time I was mentally prepared for it.

After a 15-minute flight back to Belize City, an 1-hour drive north of Belize City to a mestizo village named Carmelita, and a 2-hour speedboat ride up river, I would arrive at the Mayan Site of Lamanai. The boat ride was just as exciting as the Mayan ruin itself where I encountered spider monkeys (one actually got in my boat and I got to feed it – yes, real story) and many different species of birds.

Ancient ruins in Lamanai
Ancient ruins in Lamanai

Upon reaching Lamanai, our private tour of the Ancient Mayan City began. We hiked up several temples in the rainforest, got up close and personal with Toucans, tarantulas, and heard small but loud Howler Monkeys in the distance. It was truly an amazing day and one I won’t soon forget. The amazing remnants of our history that you can actually touch just takes your breathe away.

Good bye for now Belize, I’ll be seeing you soon!

Have you been to Belize or is it still on your bucket list?

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