Travel Ideas: 3 Ways To Getaway With Your Girlfriends

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Felice and Shanna in Germany

All work and no play can get kinda old and with all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives there are times when we want to really feel like we are getting away from it all. Couples and family trips have their place and time, but when I want to laugh until my stomach hurts and reminiscence on “the old days” I need my girls. Before you know it, you’ll be sending out a group communication to all of your besties trying to outline your exit strategy from the everyday. There is nothing more exciting than jumping on a plane with your girls to create your next set of memories.

And one thing is for certain—you’re bound to have a great time no matter the destination! Whether you are planning to relax and wind down, party it up for the entire weekend, or get a little cultured, I have a few ideas that will help you craft that group text.

Spa day in Belize!

Relax and Unwind

There are times when I am down for a fun weekend of dancing, cocktails, and other shenanigans, and others when my mind, body, and soul are just begging for a relaxing getaway. Gaining in popularity over the past several years, spa & wellness retreats have expanded their offerings to provide much more than the traditional fitness and weight loss curriculum. Now, many of these resorts have started to blend a little adventure resulting in programs that are a bit more comprehensive. You can combine your workout regime with luxurious spa treatments, stress relief programs, spiritual therapies, outdoor activities, cooking lessons, and chef prepared meals. With the coming New Year, a destination spa getaway may be exactly what the doctor ordered!

If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort-style experience, I recommend Lake Austin Spa in Austin, TX; Mii Amo in Sedona, AZ; Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa in Tucson, AZ; Ventana Big Sur in Big Sur, CA; Ojo Spa Resorts in New Mexico; and El Santuario Spa in Spain. Another option is Charleston in South Carolina that has been repeatedly ranked as the best city in America. With their walkable tours hosted by local artisans and creatives, the popular King Street, and its seaside vibe, I can see why. A stay at the Zero George Hotel with complimentary bikes, cushy bathrobes, and cooking classes will fit the relaxing weekend vibe just perfectly.

Drinking in Tulum

Party with a Purpose

When a relaxing weekend is not on the agenda, I am always game for a little par-tay — and sometimes letting your hair down and partying until you “can’t no more” is right on time. A getaway with this goal in mind is great when I only have a few days to spare. Unlike a destination spa where you are likely to stay at least four nights or even a week, if you are like me, you only have a few good days of partying in you until you are promising to never have a drink again. With the shortened time frame I would suggest you invest in some pre-planning. Make sure all of your bases are covered like shopping, gallery-hopping, dining out, entertainment, nightlife, delicious cocktails (if you indulge), and of course, a date at the spa. For the ultimate party trip try a few of my personal faves including New Orleans, Miami, New York City, Las Vegas, and Cabo San Lucas.

In New Orleans, the girls can enjoy a fun-filled day that starts with a gumbo cooking class at Langlois Culinary Crosswords with a night that ends on Bourbon Street with live music or midnight burlesque at The Jazz Playhouse. In Miami, spend the afternoon in South Beach and don’t forget to dress to impress for a night on the town! For New York City, catch a Michelin-starred dinner and a Broadway show before heading to the lively Times Square. Las Vegas, AKA Sin City, never sleeps and I don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show before heading out for the night (don’t forget to reserve bottle service with a local host). And if you want to head outside of the U.S., then Cabo San Lucas is ready to welcome you – and your girls! The sun shines 364 days a year there and the legendary El Squid Roe is the definition of a party.

Bonding in a new destination

Get Cultured

I love to plan trips to places I have never been. It makes the adventure just that much more meaningful and having an opportunity to share that with your girlfriends is something you won’t soon forget. Spending time learning something new from the cuisine, to the traditions, architecture, and the history, is the reason why these trips always fall into the “so much to do, so little time” category. Whether you’re looking for a bucket-list destination or a multi city tour that takes you across countries, a friend’s getaway that goes a “little deeper” is truly a way to get inspired.

The night markets and safaris in Zanzibar, Giraffe Manor in Kenya, the Ancient ruins in Belize, the wineries and vineyards in Sicily, and the villages of Bocas del Toro in Panama are all great options. But this list wouldn’t be complete without adding the birthplace of karaoke…Tokyo! Where else can you and your girls ride Mario Kart’s through the streets? But there are also options to stay right here in the states and get a little culture too! Savannah is rich with historic character and is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. Its Southern charm blended with cobblestone streets, historic squares, and parks make it a great getaway for girlfriends who want to see and do it all.

Grab your girls, and let’s get this show on the road!

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