Traveling to Los Cabos: 3 Things To Know Before You Go

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Cabo San Lucas Marina

Los Cabos is a hop, skip, and a jump from Houston, taking a mere two hours from departure to arrival. It is an easy decision when deciding on where to go for a quick trip and when those timely three day weekends roll around.

Since Los Cabos is visited by many, I won’t bore you with all the travel basics, like the best time to travel, best hotels, and where to stay, etc. In this series, I will highlight the three things you need to know before you go…the things you may not find easily in a travel guide.

All Beaches Are Not Created Equal

Los Cabos is made up of three main areas: San Jose Del Cabo, The Corridor, and Cabo San Lucas. All are known for their picturesque beaches, but you may want to take heed before you decide to go for a swim. Many beaches in Los Cabos are not swimmable due to their strong waves and fierce undertows. They can be downright rough and the crashing tides can be seen from a distance. Pacific side beaches are notorious for this so keep this in mind when planning your vacation. If beaches are important, stay clear of The Corridor as most of the beaches are for your viewing pleasure only. I recommend Medaño Beach. Located in Cabo San Lucas, it is the safest of them all. When is doubt, play it safe, and just ask.

Cabo San Lucas Is The “New” Cancun For Grown Folks

Some people may not want to hear this, but it’s true. As more and more food chains and grocers enter the market, the more “tourisy” it has become. The speed at which companies are developing in Los Cabos is simply astonishing. Picture Cancun for a second, with bars stretching for miles and if not for the beautiful beaches, you would think you were in Las Vegas. Okay, maybe it hasn’t gone quite that overboard yet, but I see it headed in that direction. With that said, don’t go to Cabo San Lucas looking for an authentic experience. Not saying that is doesn’t exist, but it won’t hit you in the face unless you go looking for it. If you want the real deal, stay in San Jose Del Cabo. This town has retained its culture in many ways and is in no way trying to complete with its downtown counterpart.

So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

San Jose Del Cabo is a charming community and is a prime location for shopping, but if you are looking to “fiesta” or take part in how the other half lives, then Cabo San Lucas is for you. If you are a golfer, this destination will be your one stop shop, boasting over 11 golf courses from the who’s who of the golfing world. They are also one of the top spots in the country for fishing and scuba diving. Those activities are great, but how about trying something new on your next visit?

Given that you are in Mexico, how about putting your tequila tasting skills to the test. Pretty much every bar and restaurant in Los Cabos offers a fairly expansive selection and if you want to be taught by a pro, head to Pancho’s Restaurant & Tequila Museum where a Tequila Ambassador will show you the ropes. Due to its dry climate and desert-like presence, Los Cabos has always been my favorite place to go on an ATV adventure. If they doesn’t get your blood pumping, why not give surfing a try?

It is nothing better than being prepared for a vacation. You don’t have to pull out your day planner and schedule every hour, but you should know what to expect. Stay tuned for the next vacation destination where I give you insight on the three things you need to know before you go. Safe travels!

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